New e21, llc d b a e21 is an american specialty retailer of young men and women's casl apparel and accessories headqrtered in the pittsburgh suburb of warrendale, pennsylvania. Its clothes are designed to appeal to people who desire, wish, or feel to be 21, especially adults and 11 - 17 year. 93 in 2013, apax partners, a global private equity firm, acquired the pany by funds. 00 per. 93 e21 filed for chapter 11 bankptcy protection on may 16, 2017, and emerged on september 22, 2017, after the pany's reorganization plan was confirmed. Bankptcy court for the western district of pennsylvania. 93 new owners include hedge funds bluemountain capital management, southpaw asset management and pentwater capital management. 93 in febary 2002 pennsylvania fashions. Filed for chapter 11 bankptcy protection. 93 it was then that skm emerged as the majority stakeholder three years after cary klein sold a 50% stake to the stamford, connecticut - based investment. At the time sales among the nearly 250 stores were thought to be between 180 and 200 million annlly with approximately 1, 800 employees. The pany exited chapter 11. In may 2003 after undergoing voluntary reorganization. 93 it set out an ambitious plan to expand its 170 stores over the next. Their ability to expand into underserved markets is evident by the store growth from their 500th store in harlingen, tx on july 23, 2009 through november 14, 2013, when they opened their 1000th store in enid, oklahoma. E21 continued its growth and expansion on march 17, 2011 by announcing that it would be doubling the size of its 189, 000 - sqre - foot 17, 600160 m 2 distribution center located in weirton, west virginia. This expansion occurred 12 months after a distribution center upgrade that included a new pack - to - light system as well as upgrades to the warehouse management.

  Cfo keith mcdonough stated, the recently pleted distribution center upgrades, including additional packing capacity, new systems and performance metrics, coupled with this planned expansion, gives us the ability to support our current stores and gives us the flexibility for our planned. 93 this upgrade was pleted. 93 in april 2017, e21 announced plans to close around 400 stores, part of an american retail phenomenon of store closings known as the retail apocalypse. 93 on may 16, 2017, e21 filed for chapter 11 bankptcy protection, and emerged on september 22, 2017 after reorganization plan approval. Bankptcy court for the western district of pennsylvania. We are very pleased to have moved through the restcturing process in a relatively short period, ceo melanie cox said in a statement at the time of the plan's court confirmation. 93 e21 offers its own brands, such as e21 etc!, carbon elements, te by e21, ebeauty, ebleu swim, edecor, in addition to other brands in its stores to create merchandise excitement and differentiation. Its website displays selected inventory that is available in their brick amp. As of november. S - based customers have been able to purchase merchandise off of the redesigned. 93 in select stores e21 also offers eguy, an expanded men's department with a more male - inspired layout, design, and fashion selection. 93 on november 6, 2014, e21 began offering plus sizes for women, in various categories of merchandise, with. .


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